• Calling All Writers! 

    Join the IEC Creative Writing Club!


    Who: Open to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at the IEC

    When/Where: After school at IEC. Parents/guardians must provide transportation home from the IEC at 4:15. 

    What: This ten week writing club is designed to engage students in the joy and power of writing. Students will explore different types and purposes of writing, respond to writing prompts, read mentor texts, and learn revision strategies.  They will also have the opportunity to share their writing with their peers. Social emotional learning will be woven into the club and we will focus on the following writing purposes: writing to reflect, writing to connect, writing to create, and writing to make a difference. 

    • Writing to Reflect: Students will write about who they are and how they feel. Like a mirror, writing can reflect who we are.  Unlike a mirror, writing can also reflect how we feel on the inside.  
    • Writing to Connect: Students will learn writing is a powerful way to understand each other and build community. 
    • Writing to Create: Students will learn writing can stretch our imaginations. 
    • Writing to Make a Difference: Students will learn when we write, we can use one of our most powerful tools, our voice, to create positive change. 

    Students will also have opportunities to engage in free writing. 

    Club Expectations:

    Students should come to the club with:

    • a willingness to learn new ideas and participate in the creative process.
    • a willingness to share your ideas with others.
    • a willingness to support others in a positive learning environment.
    • an ability to come to all/most of the club meetings.

    Club Advisor: Jennifer Kensinger