Magic Penny

  • Magic Penny is a leading global provider of educational literacy products and training solutions. We develop comprehensive instructional programs focused on early literacy development in Pre-K through Grade 2 students. Our books, teachers' guides, multimedia aids, games, and skill books give teachers the tools they need for literacy success.

    Our programs bring parents, teachers, and students together in working to achieve literacy success. Founded by classroom teachers with a rich tradition in classroom success, Magic Penny is dedicated to ensuring that all students have to tools and the ability to reach their full learning potential.

    The Magic Penny Reading Program takes children step-by-step using developmentally appropriate teaching methods. Each step trains the child's brain to do one of the tasks that will be expected when the child reads. Each step is developed with a game or enjoyable activity that enables a child to develop the important brain connections for reading success. Every Magic Penny step is sequential and builds upon skills developed in the step before.
    For more information, please visit the Magic Penny website.