How Do I make up a missed PE class?


    Missed classes can be made up by attending a different class period in the same unit.  A student will come to PE from a study hall or any free period and participate with a different class.  The student must first get a signed pass from the PE instructor and then take the pass to his/her study hall teacher to be signed; then the student returns to PE and participates in that period’s class activities.  Students may also make arrangements with his/her instructor to meet before or after school to conduct a make-up class.  All classes must be made up within the five week period of the unit.  Once a unit ends make-ups are not permitted unless prior arrangements have been made with the instructor. 

    All PE Staff is available after school for make-ups by appointment or on scheduled dates for each unit.

    Mr. Johnson is available most days before school and can be contacted to arrange make-ups.