• Lewiston-Porter Middle School 

    NEST/Advisory Program


    Teachers - Be Sure to Check Out Project Wisdom in the NEST/Advisory Shared Drive or on Google Classroom

    • NEST meets every day 10:49 - 11:09.
    • At the start of each month the Principal and/or Vice Principal will present the Character word of the month.
    • Each week the Jr. Honor Society will present the word of the week on the announcements.
    • Suggested words, activities, and discussion prompts will be provided on the NEST/Advisory Program website.
    • NEST/Advisory is a purposeful meeting time focusing on adolescent development and needs.  Thus use of this time as a study hall, recess, or an extension of lunch should be avoided.
    In order to address the NYS Character Education requirement and middle school curriculum, students and teachers will participate in an advisory program that will meet every day.  The goal of this NEST/advisory program is to provide a special contact person in the middle school to whom a student can go with a problem.  This student advocate may assist with a school-related problem or refer the student to other appropriate persons if the problem is of a more personal or sensitive nature.

    Recognizing that experiences in the middle grade years are critical in the development of attitudes, habits, and interests that relate to success in later life, this advisory program has the following objectives:
    •  To assist students with their orientation and adjustment to the middle school setting;
    •  To provide students with academic and social assistance;
    •  To help students better understand themselves and their relationships with others;
    •  To help improve their organizational skills, test-taking skills, study skills, and other learning and work habits;
    •  To help students understand their roles and responsibilities within their family, school, community, and country.

    What can you accomplish in NEST/Advisory?123
    • Address personal efficacy issues         
    • Attend to problems brought from home
    • Teach people skills                             
    • Crisis intervention
    • Build self-esteem                                
    • Improve study skills
    • Develop self-assessment strategies      
    • Plan for the future
    • Improve academics                             aaa
    • Celebrate success
    • Reduce discipline problems                 
    • Develop a sense of team
    Successful NEST/Advisory Periods Occur When Staff:
    • Clearly explain and discuss with the students the goals and objectives of advisory, both generally and specifically.
    • Establish consistent rules with the students before implementing discussions or activities.
    • Stay alert to student reactions and responses.  Bring closure to activities and/or discussions.

    a  Building Wide Monthly Themes
    September:  Respect
    October:  Responsibility
    November:  Citizenship
    a December:  Compassion
    January:  Tolerance
    February:  Commitment
    a March: Resilience
    April:  Integrity
    May:  Accomplishment
    June:  Character