• cell phonesHere is a little "texting language" that your kids might be using through IM (instant messaging) and on their cell phones.
    H&K -Hugs and Kisses
    HAGD -Have a good day
    HCIT -How cool is that
    HF -Have fun
    HH -Ha-ha
    HHSF -Ha-ha, so funny
    HHVF -Ha-ha, very funny
    HOAS -Hold on a second
    IAC -In any case
    IAG -It's all good
    IAGW -In a good way
    IC -I see / In character
    IDGI -I don't get it
    IDNDT -I did not do that
    IIRC -If I remember correctly
    IK -I know
    IKWUM -I know what you mean
    IMAO -In my arrogant opinion
    IME -In my experience.
    IMHO -In my humble opinion
    IMNSHO -In my not so humble opinion
    INRS -It's not rocket science
    IOW -In other words
    IRL -In real life
    IRSTBO -It really sucks the big one
    IS -I'm sorry
    ISWYM -I see what you mean
    JMHO -Just my humble opinion
    JTLYK -Just to let you know
    J/K -Just kidding
    J/P -Just playing
    K -OK
    KIR -Keepin' it real
    KIT -Keep in touch
    KWIM -Know what I mean?
    L8R -Later
    LMK -Let me know
    LTR -Long term relationship
    LYK -Let you know
    LMAO -Laughing my a•• off
    LMBO -Laughing my butt off
    LOL -Laugh out loud
    LTNS -Long time no see
    LUM -Love you man
    M -Male
    ME2 -Me too
    MIL -Mother in law
    MMA -Meet me at ...
    MMAMP -Meet me at my place
    MYOB -Mind your own business
    N -In
    NBD -No big deal
    N2M -Not too much
    N/C -Not cool
    NE1 -Anyone
    NM -Nevermind, Not much
    NMH -Not much here
    NMJC -Nothing much, just chillin'
    NNITO -Not necessarily in that order
    NO1 -No one
    NOTTOMH -Not off the top of my head
    NOYB -None of your business
    NP -No problem
    NRN -No reply necessary
    NW -No way
    OIC -Oh, I see
    OMG -Oh my gosh
    OOC -Out of character
    OT -Off topic / Other topic
    PLZ -Please
    PPL People
    POS -Parent over shoulder
    QT -Cutie
    RESQ -Rescue
    RFC -Request for comment
    RHIP -Rank hath its privileges
    ROF -Rolling on the floor
    ROTFL -Rolling on the floor laughing
    RTFM -Read the flippin' manual
    S2R -Send to receive
    SCNR -Sorry, could not resist
    SIL -Sister in law
    SLY -Still love you
    SWALK -Sweet, with all love, kisses
    SWAK -Sealed with a kiss
    SYSOP -System Operator
    TCO -Taken care of
    TOH -The other half
    THX -Thanks
    TNX -Thanks
    TIA -Thanks in advance
    TMA -Take my advice
    TMI -Too much information
    TTFN -Ta ta for now
    TTYL -Talk to you later
    TY -Thank you
    TYVM -Thank you very much
    U2 -You too
    UR -Your
    UR -You are ...
    VBG -Very big grin
    W2F -Way too funny
    W8 -Wait
    W8AM -Wait a minute
    WB -Welcome back OR Write back
    WE -Whatever
    WNDITWB -We never did it this way before
    WRT -With Regard To
    WTF -What the freak?
    WTG -Way to go!
    XOXOXO -Hugs and kisses
    Y -Why?
    YMMV -Your mileage may vary
    YRG -You are good!
    YW -You're welcome
    >U! -Screw you!
    ? -Huh?
    ?4U -Question for you

    Emoticons (Emoticons are facial expressions made by a certain series of keystrokes. Most often producing an image of a face sideways.):

    !-( Black eye
    !-) Proud of black eye
    #-) Wiped out, partied all night
    #:-o Shocked
    $-) Won the lottery, or money on the brain
    %(|:-)   Propeller-head
    %*} Inebriated
    %+{ Got beat up
    %-( Confused
    %-) Dazed or silly
    %-6 Brain-dead
    %-\ Hung over
    %-{ Ironic
    %-| Worked all night
    %-} Humorous or ironic
    %\ Hangover
    >>:-<< Furious
    >- Female
    >-> Winking devil
    >-< Furious
    >-) Devilish wink
    >:) Little devil
    >:-> Very mischievous devil
    >:-< Angry
    >:-< Mad
    >:-( Annoyed
    >:-) Mischievous devil
    >=^ P Yuck
    <:> Devilish expression
    <:-> Devilish expression
    <:-( Dunce
    <:-) Innocently asking dumb question
    <:-| Dunce
    <:| Dunce
    ( 8(|) Homer
    ( <> .. <> ) alienated
    (( )):** Hugs and kisses
    ((())) Lots of hugging
    (initials or a name can be put in the middle of the one being hugged)
    () Hugging
    (-: Left-handed smile, or smiley from the southern hemisphere
    (:& Angry
    (:- Unsmiley
    (:-& Angry
    (:-( Unsmiley
    (:-) Smiley variation
    (:-* Kiss
    (:-\ Very sad
    (::()::) Bandaid, meaning comfort
    (:| Egghead
    * Kiss
    *<:-) Santa Claus
    *<|:-) Santa Claus, or a clown
    *-) Shot to death
    +<:-) Religious leader
    +<:-| Monk or nun
    +<||-) Knight
    +:-) Priest
    +O:-) The Pope
    -) Tongue in cheek
    -= Snuffed candle to end a flame message
    -=#:-) Wizard
    /\/\/\ Laughter
    0:-) Angel
    12x@>--->--- A dozen roses
    2B|^2B To be or not to be
    5:-) Elvis
    7:) Ronald Reagan
    7:^) Ronald Reagan
    8 Infinity
    8 :-) Wizard
    8) Wide-eyed, or wearing glasses
    8-# Death
    8-) Wide-eyed, or wearing glasses
    8-o Shocked
    8-O Astonished
    8-P Yuck!
    8-[ Frayed nerves; overwrought
    8-] Wow!
    8-| Wide-eyed surprise
    : ( Sad
    : ) Smile
    : [ Bored, sad
    : | Bored, sad
    :( ) Loudmouth, talks all the time; or shouting
    :* Kiss
    :*) Clowning
    :**: Returning kiss
    :+( Got punched in the nose
    :,( Crying
    :- Male
    :-# My lips are sealed; or someone wearing braces
    :-& Tongue-tied
    :-> Smile of happiness or sarcasm
    :->< Puckered up to kiss
    :-< Very sad
    :-( Frown
    :-) Classic smiley
    :-* Kiss
    :-, Smirk
    :-/ Wry face
    :-6 Exhausted
    :-9 Licking lips
    :-? Licking lips, or tongue in cheek
    :-@ Screaming
    :-C Astonished
    :-c Very unhappy
    :-D Laughing
    :-d~ Heavy smoker
    :-e Disappointed
    :-f Sticking out tongue
    :-I Pondering, or impartial
    :-i Wry smile or half-smile
    :-J Tongue in cheek
    :-j One-sided smile
    :-k Puzzlement
    :-l One-sided smile
    :-M Speak no evil
    :-O Open-mouthed, surprised
    :-o Surprised look, or yawn


    :-p Sticking tongue out
    :-p~ Heavy smoker
    :-Q Tongue hanging out in disgust, or a smoker
    :-Q~ Smoking
    :-r Sticking tongue out
    :-s What?!
    :-t Unsmiley
    :-V Shouting
    :-X My lips are sealed; or a kiss
    :-x Kiss, or My lips are sealed
    :-Y Aside comment
    :-[ Unsmiling blockhead; also criticism
    :-\'| Sniffles
    :-] Smiling blockhead; also sarcasm
    :-{) Smile with moustache
    :-{)} Smile with moustache and beard
    :-{} Blowing a kiss
    :-| Indifferent, bored or disgusted
    :-| :-| Deja vu
    :-|| Very angry
    :-} Mischievous smile
    :-~) A cold
    :-~| A cold
    :.( Crying
    :/) Not funny
    :/i No smoking
    :> What?
    :@ What?
    :C Astonished
    :e Disappointed
    :P Sticking out tongue
    :X Hear no evil
    :x Kiss
    :\' Crying
    :\'( Crying
    :\'-( Crying
    :\'-) Tears of happiness
    :^D Happy, approving
    :`-( Shedding a tear
    :{ Having a hard time
    :~) A cold
    :~-( Crying
    :~/ Confused
    ; ) Wink
    ; P Wink with a raspberry
    ;( Crying
    ;-( Angry, or got a black eye
    ;-) Winkey
    ;-D Winking and laughing
    = O Surprised
    = X My lips are sealed
    =):-)= Abraham Lincoln
    =:-) Punk, or hosehead
    =====:} Snake
    =^* Kisses
    =^D Big grin
    ?( Black eye
    ?-( Black eye
    @>--->--- A long-stemmed rose
    @== Atomic bomb
    @}->-- Rose
    B:-) Sunglasses on head
    d :-o Hats off to you!
    IOHO In Our Humble Opinion
    M-) See no evil
    M-), :X, :-M See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
    M:-) A salute
    O 8-) Starry-eyed angel
    O :-) Angel
    O+ Female
    O-> Male
    O8-) Starry-eyed angel
    O:-) Angel
    P* French kiss
    Q:-) College graduate
    X-( Just died
    [:-) Wearing a Walkman
    [:-] Square head
    [:-| Frankenstein
    [:] Robot
    [:| Frankenstein
    [:|] Robot
    [[ ]] Hug Insert a name in the brackets of the one who is being hugged, as: [[Marcia]]
    [] Hug
    \') Winky
    \'-) Winky
    \_/ Empty glass
    \~/ Full glass
    ]:-> Devil
    ]:-) Happy devil
    ][ Back to back
    ^ ^ ^ Giggles
    ^5 High five
    `:-) Raised eyebrow
    {{ }} Hug; the one whose name is in the brackets is being hugged Example: {{MJ}}
    {} No comment
    |( Sleepy (on late night email message)
    |-<> Puckered up for a kiss
    |-( Sleepy, struggling to stay awake, or sleeping badly
    |-D Big laugh
    |-O Yawn
    |-{ Good grief!
    |-| Asleep
    |I Asleep
    |^o Snoring
    }-) Wry smile
    }: [ Angry, frustrated
    }{ Face to face
    ~ :-( Steaming mad
    ~:-( Flame message
    ~:-\ Elvis
    ~:o Baby
    ~:\ Elvis
    ~= Lit candle, indicating a flame (inflammatory message)
    ~== Begins a flame (inflammatory message)
    ~~:-( Especially hot flame message
    ~~:[ Net flame
    ~~~~8} Snake
    ~~~~~8} Snake