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    Mrs. Elizabeth Cardwell




    Speech and Language services are available to all students in the Lewiston-Porter School District. The implementation of services are based upon the student's speech and language skills and the impact they have on their academic performance. These skills are often measured by standardized assessments and/or the student's observable communication. Areas of concern that are addressed may include articulation (speech production), language (comprehension/expression), auditory processing (listening, following directions), fluency (stuttering), and voice. 

    Speech/Language screening is provided for all entering kindergarten children and for new students in the district. Students may be referred for services in several ways. They may have received speech therapy through early intervention program or from their former school district which recommended a continuation of services. A teacher, parent, and/or the Child Study Team may have concerns and refer a student for an assessment. Parent dialogue and permission for a complete evaluation is always a prerequisite. A conference to discuss results and recommendations is provided.

    The primary delivery model at Lewiston-Porter is a "pull-out" service, which means the students come to the speech room for their classes. Most intervention services are provided in small groups of no more than five students, although individual classes are provided when appropriate. These small group instructional times provide minimal distractions and optimal conditions for focus and steady improvement in speech/language areas. Class sessions typically are of thirty-minute duration. Scheduling is based on teacher consultation so the student will not miss critical instructional time during the school day.

    Further information or questions regarding the speech/language program at Lewiston-Porter can be obtained by contacting one of the specialists. 

    "The relationship is the communication bridge between people"
    -Alfred Kadushin