• New Student Registration Information

    Students new to the Lewiston-Porter Central School District should register as soon as possible. Initial registration for new students takes place at the district office, located at 4061 Creek Road, Youngstown, NY 14174 between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday - Friday.
    Call the registration office at 716-286-7265 for questions regarding the registration process. You may also view State regulation information.

    STEP 1

    Whether you register in person or online, please have the following available -
    A. Proof of Residency - two of the following:
    • *Lease
    • *Purchase Offer
    • *Letter from Builder-must be on builder"s letterhead
    • Vehicle Registration
    • Vehicle Insurance Card
    • Utility Bill
    • Homeowners Insurance Statement
    • Payroll Document
    *The documents with an asterisk must be signed and include your name, district address, closing date, and/or certificate of occupancy.

    B. Photo Identification for Parent/Person in Parental Relationship - such as:
    • Driver's License
    • Passport

    C. Student Proof of Birth:
    • Original Birth Certificate. If an original birth certificate is not available, other forms of acceptable proof are a Passport or Baptismal Certificate with date of birth indicated.
    D. Student Registration Form
    You may complete the form at the time of registration or you may download the District Registration Form for completion at home. Make sure to bring the completed form with you at the time of registration. Please note, while a completed registration form alone will allow conditional registration, final registration is not complete until residency has been verified. 

    STEP 2

    *Initial registration, as described in Step 1, must be completed prior to continuing.
    Documents Required at the School Building Your Child Will Attend:
    • Immunization Record (View a list of required vaccines). It is required to provide the school nurse with an updated immunization form and health examination form (see next bullet point) within TWO WEEKS of the student starting school. Please click here to view a quick fact sheet regarding new legislation surround vaccination and non-medical exemptions. 
    • Home Language Questionnaire: English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Bengali, Russian
    • Evidence of physical examination performed within 12 months prior to entrance date. You may use a signed health appraisal form completed by a health care provider who is licensed in New York State or the District Health Appraisal Form. MASH and Urgent Care-type physicals are not accepted.
    • Academic information from your child"s previous school, including current report card or transcript, and current IEP if applicable or information pertaining to enrichment or remedial services (or signed release of records request form to previous school).
    For questions related to immunizations or physical exam, please call the school nurse at the building your child will attend:


    Primary Education Center  Katherine Janese          286-7225
    Intermediate Education Center         Gloria Klettke   286-7284
    Middle School   Suzanne Lombardi
    High School   Maureen Koroschetz

    You may also call the school building office, if the school nurse cannot be reached:

    Primary Education Center   286-7222
    Intermediate Education Center         286-7254
    Middle School 
    High School   286-7262