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     Welcome to 4th Grade!!!
    Get ready for a fantastic adventure!!  Our curriculum, field trips, events and plans are more than exciting and I can't wait to share everything with you.  Our day will include many brain-based activities so that we can grow, develop and feel confident throughout our educational journey!  Personally, I love to read and journal often.  I also enjoy running, dancing and yoga.  I believe in balance in life and I am excited to teach you some great strategies to help keep your brain sharp and healthy!
                    Mrs. Jaruszewski                                                   
               Mrs. J. Family                               
    Grade 4, Room 206 
    Phone:  (716) 754-8281 ext. 206
    Email:  jjaruszewski@lew-port.com      
    "Dance like there is nobody watching.  Love like you will never be hurt,
                                                                               and sing like there's nobody listening."