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Teacher and Class Information

  • Third Grade Teacher

    Intermediate Education Center

    Randy Lombardo 

    Welcome to Third Grade

    E-Mail: lombardr@lew-port.com

     716-754-8281 ext. 3121

    Contact information: Communication is very important aspect of your
    child's education. Be sure that we have your current contact information
    on file. Complete all necessary paperwork and hand it in to me as soon
    as possible.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any
    questions or concerns!
    I welcome parent volunteers in the classroom.  However, it is best to wait
    a few weeks until the children are acclimated to the classroom.  I will send
    a note soon to indicate a starting date.  Please complete a volunteering
    preference sheet so that I might organize an effective, parent friendly
    schedule!  Open house is September 14, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. Room 121. Volunteer
    information can be found in the main office.
    Communication:  Communication between parents and teachers
    is critical to ensure a child's success at school.  I encourage parents
    to discuss any problems or concern regarding their child's experiences.
    Please do not hesitate to set up an appointment by writing
    a note or reaching me by phone or email.  Even though I do respond
    to emails,you may have to wait longer for a response compared to
    phone call or note on your child's daily agenda. I will have a blog available
    on my website giving you information on upcoming workwe will be doing
    in class.  Please feel free to make comments so that I can assist you in any way.
    Snack:  Please make sure your child has a healthy snack each
    and everyday.  Example: Unsalted pretzels and bottled water
    make a quick and easy snack.   
    Birthday Celebrations:  Birthdays will be celebrated from
    11:30 to 12:00. If you wish, you may send in ONLY cookies as a treat.
     Please no treats with frosting.  Let me know one way or the other
    so that I will have something available for your child. 

    There will be homework every week. Math will be given at

    least three nights a week. Please help remind your child to

    return their white math binder and green "take home" folder

    everyday.  They will need their white math binder to complete

    their math for the following school day. I will send home a

    spelling packet every Friday which will be due the following

    Friday.  This will help them learn the spelling words for

    the spelling test that I will give them on every Friday. Your

    child will also get either a list of Social St. or Science vocabulary

    every Friday so that they have 7 days to prepare for the vocab

    test that will be given on the following Friday. All homework

    assignments will be graded on accuracy, and neatness.

    Organization:  In order to quickly organize papers, identify
    missing papers and prepare mail to send home, I have assigned
    a number from 1-22 to each child in the class.  You will see this
    number as your child brings home his or her papers. Please
    encourage your child to write first and last name and their
    number on all papers.  
    Formal Assessment:  We will provide your child with
    formal evaluations to help monitor their progress and adjust
    our teaching to maximize their joy in learning and their
    academic potential.  Please "kid-watch" along with me and
    provide me with any information you feel is important in
    helping your child learn and grow. Most assessments need
    to be returned back to me with a parents or guardians signature.
    I am looking forward to a great year and I thank you in
    advance for allowing me to participate in your
    child's education.