One District, One Book

  • One District, One Book is a program designed to create a shared reading experience across our school community.
    We voted during the week of January 21-28, 2017 at the Lewiston Public Library on a popular children’s novel. The book was chosen and each student received a copy of the book. Now, every family will be reading that book together at home. Every family in our Elementary School Community will read the same book at the same time.
    The shared reading experience will be supported by enriching activities at school that enable children to share and experience the characters and world of the book.
    Visit the Read to Them Website for more information on this exciting program!

    Humphrey Bookmark!
    You can use your smartphone's QR (quick response) scanner to scan the digital code at the bottom of the Humphrey bookmark. Once scanned, your phone will take you directly to the video page where you can hear each chapter read aloud. 
    humphrey bookmark