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  • Darcy Allender
    Kindergarten Teacher, Department Chair
    Lewiston Porter Primary Education Center
    754-8281 ext. 6305
    Ten Fun Facts About Me
    1.  I love my job
    2.  I am blessed to be married to the love of my life
    3.  I have 2 adorable dogs...Murphy and Payton and a step daughter that is as sweet as can be
    4.  I love to decorate (I will do that in my next career)
    5.  My favorite day of the year is my birthday and my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving
    6.  My sister had 2 miracle babies in December 2014.  I am in LOVE with every inch of them (Harper and Max)
    7.  My favorite food is a great steak and pizza runs a very close second (YUM)
    8.  I am obsessed with my skin care (truly...its' a problem)
    9.  My favorite sport is football.....I can watch it from morning until night
    10. My greatest teachers were my mom and dad, I owe everything to them!