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    Mrs. Anello

    Ms. Anello, Hayden and Dylan


    Primary Education Center

    Grade Multi-Age

    E-Mail: anelloh@lew-port.com
    716-754-8281 ext. 6215

    About The Teacher

     We are a team of teachers who strongly believe in the power of mixed 

    ages learning together. We are committed to creating a classroom 

    where differences are accepted as natural and normal, and we also 

    strive to make each students academic journey a happy, safe, and 

    non-threatening one.


    Mission For The Class

    Our mission for our classes is congruent with the The Primary 
    Education Centers mission statement. We strive to create a dynamic,
    joyful educational setting.
    We celebrate the uniqueness of each child and foster their
    individuality as they become responsible, caring, young citizens.
    We recognize that children need to share, problem solve, and
    collaborate with each other in a trusting, non-competitive environment.
    Our Multiage classrooms nurture cooperation, camaraderie and a
    sense of self , as-well-as encourages a high level of active participation
    and joyful learning on the part of the child.