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    Mrs. Allen-Thomas

    Saturday, July 4, 2020



    Primary Education Center

    Grade Kindergarten

    E-Mail:  callen-thomas@lew-port.com


    716-754-8281 ext. 6313


         Hello!  My name is Candy Allen-Thomas.  This is my 21st year at Lewiston-Porter and my 17th year teaching Kindergarten. I live in Lewiston with my husband Bob (who also works at Lewiston-Porter) and my daughter Julia, who is in 9th grade this year! Besides the three of us, we have one dog Bella (a black lab), Olivia, the painted turtle, and Lola the rabbit.   Our family loves all kinds of creatures.  I love to garden, bake (and eat) sweet treats, read, learn new things,  play volleyball with my daughter, and play frisbee with Bella.
         I first started teaching in the Middle School at Lewiston-Porter as a special education teacher and taught summer school for Project SASH, a pre-school for special needs children established by Niagara/Orleans BOCES for many, many summers.  Then, after four years of Middle School, I moved to Kindergarten.  Although I have loved all my teaching positions, there is nothing like the joy of teaching Kindergarten. The children's curiosity for learning about the world around them is astounding. While I teach our little "dumplings" and "pumpkins" everyday, they teach me something valuable as well!
      We have a very talented group of children this year who will graduate in the year 2031!  WOW!
         I am also a member of an awesome team of experienced kindergarten teachers who believe that a child's Kindergarten year should be joyful. We are committed to offering our students a positive hands-on learning environment. We collaborate with each other to provide developmentally appropriate activities for a successful school experience. We believe that kindergarten should be a time for encouraging curiosity, making new friends, and learning about the world
    around them.  I hope you enjoy your Kindergarten year as much as we will! 
         The mission statement for my class is congruent with The Primary Education Center's Mission Statement, “Students are empowered to be life-long learners, compassionate citizens, and global thinkers through innovative teaching models that connect home, school and community partnerships."  I strive to create dynamic, joyful educational setting. I recognize the uniqueness of each child and respect his/her similarities and differences. The children are immersed in meaningful activities that develop reading, writing and math literacy within an integrated curriculum. A wide range of experiences is provided to enhance each child's development and to create a foundation for becoming a lifelong learner.  Our goal each day is to make the world a better place through our actions and our words!