All information pertaining to your child(ren)'s classes can be accessed through Seesaw. You may log in to Seesaw using the link below and the class code provided by your teacher at the beginning of the school year. To learn more about Seesaw, view an informational video.


  • Mrs. Sikoski Primary Education Center Special Education E-Mail: sikoskib@lew-port.com 716-754-8281 ext. 6515 Welcome to my webpage! I am a Special Education Teacher here at the Primary Education Center and have been a part of the Multiage team since inception and work in other grades as well.  I provide Resource room and Consultant Teacher Services.  I have twenty-seven years of experience in the Special Education Field. I'm very dedicated and devoted to helping my students reach their maximum potential through hands on experiences, art related activities, and creative writing.  I have participated in extensive training on Brain Compatible Learning, which helps me to incorporate Multiple Intelligence Theory within my teaching.