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    English as a New Language Program Overview: 

    The English as a New Language Program at Lewiston-Porter Central School District is committed to helping English Language Learners & Multilingual Language Learners meet their English language proficiency goals through immersive, literacy-based instruction. ENL teachers support ELL/MLL students in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in the English language. The primary goal of our ENL program is to support students’ abilities to master both the social & academic language skills needed to succeed within their educational journey. Family engagement is an integral part of this process. Through our LPCSD Family Engagement Plan, we consider families to be an essential component of a child’s education.

    Teacher Contact Information: 
    PEC/IEC: Nicole Sandretto (Grades K-5) 
    Email: nsandretto@lew-port.com 
    Phone: (PEC) 716-754-8281 ext. 6219
                  (IEC) 716-754-8281 ext. 3116
    MS/HS: Katie Miano (Grades 6-12) 
    Email: kmiano@lew-port.com