• And the winner is...

    Dragons in a Bag

    Day 1 ODOB Intro Video 22-23

    Day 2 ODOB Book Intro Video: Dragons in a Bag

    Day 3 ODOB Book Intro Video: Save Me a Seat

    22-23 ODOB REVEAL Video



    One District, One Book is a program designed to create a shared reading experience across our school community.

    • Families will vote on a popular children's novel at one of our local libraries.

    • Each student receives a copy of the chosen book to keep.

    • Then, every family reads that book together at home while enjoying the provided packet of conversation starters, activities, and reading schedule.

    • The shared reading experience will be supported by enriching activities at school and around town with our community business partners. 

    • Our program concludes with a Family Reading Celebration evening filled with fun activities!

    • Students and families can follow the ODOB opportunities on Seesaw (PEC & IEC) or Google Classroom (6th Gr.).

    Every family in our PreK- 6th Grade Community reads the same book at the same time!  

    “When you read a children’s novel – or more than one novel – across an entire district, you spark a community-wide conversation.  That conversation takes place on playgrounds and parking lots, in grocery stores and churches, across your district.  A conversation that is rich, involving hundreds and thousands of students and families, inspires a rich appreciation of literature and lifelong readers. It establishes a culture of family literacy.”    ~Read to Them.         

    Lewiston-Porter One District, One Book Committee MISSION STATEMENT:

    Our goal is to create an engaging and immersive shared reading experience which takes place within our families homes and community. Our initiative is supported in the classroom and our elementary buildings PK-6 and encourages partnership with our three local libraries and local businesses. Simply, we create excitement, momentum, and a buzz around a piece of literature while supporting family literacy!

    Go to www.readtothem.org for more information about the One District One Book initiative.