Lewiston-Porter School Tax Information


  • **You may now view and/or print your tax bill and tax receipt online.

     **You may also pay for your tax bill with a check or credit card using Express Pay.

     **If additional information is needed, please call 716-286 -7243.

How to Access my Tax Bill

  • 1. Click here to access bills and receipts online.

    2. Username: publiclpcsd

    3. Password: publiclpcsd

    4. Click on the Entities Tab

    5. On the Information Tab, in the blank boxes either enter Parcel ID which is the SBL#, or Owner's Last Name, or Address (Loc Num is the house number & Loc Name is the street name only)

    6. Click enter on the keyboard

    7. Click on the "eye" to view the appropriate parcel of land

How to Print my Tax Bill

  • 8. You should be on the Bills Tab (Middle of Page)

    9. Click on the "eye" to print the bill.

    10. Click on the Reports Tab (last tab at the top of the page)

    11. Click on the Public School Tax Bill- Reprint option

    12. Disregard errors (in red).

    13. Run report and print bill (2 pages).

    14. Close tab and log out. 

How to Print my Tax Receipt

  • 15. Click the Payment Tab (Middle of Page)

    16. Click on the "eye" to print the receipt

    17. Click on the Reports Tab (last tab at the top of the page)

    18. Click on the Public School Tax Receipt- Reprint option

    19. Print reciept (Payment information is on the bottom of the receipt)

    20. Close tab and log out. 

Assessor Information

  • Contact your Town Assessor for STAR exemptions, assessments, equalization rates, address changes, and escrow changes. 

    Town of Lewiston: 716-754-8213

    Town of Porter: 716-745-3730

    Name & Address form for the Town of Porter

Online Payments

  • 1. Click here to access Xpress Pay.

    2. Enter Owner's Last Name.

    3. Enter Street Name (one word).

    4. Click on the correct record.

    5. Click next. 

    6. Find additional tax bills to pay (if paying multiple bills).

    7. Once all tax bills are listd to pay, proceed to checkout. 

    8. Choose to pay as Guest or Log In. 

    9. Select Payment Method: 

    (a.) Echeck: Site fee is $2.95 and only one check needed for multiple tax bills (recommended)

    (b.) Visa/MC/Discover/AmEx:  Site fee is approximately 2.85% (NOT Recommended)


    10. Complete info needed for selected payment method.

    11. Acknowledge and accept Terms & Conditions.

    12. Verify code. 

    13. Select Pay.

    14. Receipt will be sent to your email address.