School Social Work Services

    Lewiston-Porter School Social Workers are New York State Licensed Professionals committed to assisting students with social, emotional and behavioral concerns in order to foster academic achievement and personal growth. School Social Workers work cooperatively with administrators, teachers and parents as it pertains to the needs of students.

    School Social Workers provide services in the following areas:

    • Mental Health services to students eligible for  the School Supportive Health Services Program (SSHSP) of New York State
    • Counseling Services to students with Individual Education Plans
    • Crisis Counseling and Intervention
    • Consultation with school staff and parents
    • Referral and linkage with school programs and services
    • Referral and linkage with community programs and services

    District Social Workers -

    PEC  (K-2) - Emily Adamson, LMSW         ext6416

    IEC  (3-5)  - Emily Brook, LCSW                ext3100

    MS   (6-8) - Danielle Kudela, LCSW           ext5118

    HS   (9-12)  - Shannon Lotz, LCSW           ext7256


    If you or someone you know is experiencing a Mental Health Emergency or are in Crisis, contact one of the following:
    Call Crisis Services at 716-285-3515.
    Crisis Text line: Text HOME to 741741 
    Call 988 for the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
    If you are having an immediate emergency please call 911.