• Lewiston-Porter CSD DEI&B Vision: We will foster an equitable environment that is culturally responsive, inclusive of all voices and dedicated to lifelong learning. 

    DEI&B Mission: Cultivate a community where all members experience a sense of belonging.

    • "When you know better, you do better"  -- Maya Angelou

    Our Story Begins...

    • The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging  (DEI&B) Committee was sanctioned by the Lewiston-Porter Central School District Board of Education (BOE) in the Summer of 2022 to support our Strategic Plan Goal #3 - Enhancing the Culture and Climate of our Schools. Via suggested Board of Regents Standards and NYS Social-Emotional Learning Benchmarks, job postings were developed by the BOE and Administrative team for DEI&B Coordinators at the Secondary and Primary buildings, as well as for two teacher liaisons from each building to create the team. An interview committee was formed, headed by Superintendent Paul Casseri, and Carolyn Quigley and Joy Khatib were appointed to be the DEI&B Program Coordinators. 


    Each month we meet as a team to:

    • Review our mission

    • Develop and review action steps

    • Continue to develop a framework for evaluating and implementing the essential elements of a successful DEI plan


    Looking ahead:

    • Please see the link on the left for Monthly updates regarding DEI&B programming. 
    • This spring, we will develop a Framework for our work ahead, namely the creation of Subcommittees to address the "Pillars" of the NYSED Policy Framework:  

      • Teaching & Learning

      • Family & Community Engagement
      • Diverse Schools & Learning Opportunities

      • Student Supports, Wellness, & Discipline 

    • A very special thank you to Superintendent Paul Casseri and the Board of Education for paving the way for this important work.  Thank you for giving us the platform, tools, and resources to embark on this journey. 
      And finally, thanks to all of you for sharing your powerful voices.  It is an honor to work with each and every one of you. Lewiston-Porter is on the cusp of some groundbreaking work; we've got this!

      Please stay tuned for more updates as the Committee continues its important work!