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    Welcome to the Department of Food Services
    Food Service Program:
    The District’s Food Service Program provides wholesome, well-balanced lunches at Lewiston-Porter, with a choice of a hot lunch plate or ala carte selections. Students may bring their own lunches to school or may purchase lunches in the school cafeterias. Parents may pre-pay on a weekly or monthly basis for their child’s lunches. Cash or checks payable to Lewiston-Porter Central School are accepted methods of payment. The daily lunch menus will be printed every week in local news publications. The elementary children will bring home a menu at the beginning of every month.

    Important notice for Parents/Guardians:
    Please make sure your child/children have funds on deposit in their cafeteria account. Children who have exhausted their funds will be allowed to charge their meal, but they will not be allowed to charge extra a la carte items. Parents will be notified when their child's account balance is depleted or has a negative balance. Please make sure to send payment for account charges promptly.
    *Students who were eligible for Child Nutrition Programs in the 2018/19 school year will carry over into the current school year for up to 30 days. Eligibility from the previous school year will expire on 10/17/19. Please be sure to reapply for the 2019/20 school year prior to 10/17/2019.
    Need to add money to your child's account? No problem!
    The district has a program called MySchoolBucks in which you can monitor your child's account and add money if you wish. By participating in this program, your child will never have to worry about their account balance. You can also send a check to the district office or the cafeteria to apply money to your child's account. If you have any questions regarding your child's account, please feel free to call the Food Service Director, Anna Thomas at 716-286-7288 or Lynn Braunbach in the business office at 716-286-7245.

    A Note About Meal Charges
    If a child has a negative balance, a regular breakfast and lunch will still be provided and the meal will be charged to their child's account.

    Meal Prices:

    $1.75 for Breakfast

    $2.10 Lunch - Primary and Intermediate

    $2.25 Lunch - Middle and High School

    Ala Carte Prices:
    Cereal Bars - $1.25

    Muffins/asst. - $1.50

    Pop Tarts (2 pack) - $1.50

    4 oz. juice cup - 65 cents

    Cookie - 65 cents

    Rice crispy treats - $1.20

    Chips - 90 cents

    Soft pretzel - $1

    Cheese cup - 70 cents

    Ice cream - $1

    Ice cream (cones) - $1.20

    Giant goldfish crackers - 70 cents

    Motts Fruit snacks - 90 cents

    Epic/66 Juices - $1.50

    Large water bottle - $1.25

    PF goldfish, all variety - 70 cents

    Fruit/grain/veggie side - 75 cents

    Milk - 70 cents

    Additional Food Service Program Information: 


    • Any food allergies should be noted on students’ accounts. A school breakfast program is offered to all students in grades K-5. If you have questions about the Food Service Program, please contact the Food Services Manager at 286-7288.
    • Charging a meal is a courtesy we extend to our students in the event they forget or lose their lunch money.