• Science
    Welcome to Siuta Science Club!
    Siuta Science Club is open to all 3rd grade students in the PEC and IEC.  Club registration takes place in September.  We meet the third Thursday of each month October-March in the IEC cafeteria.  Pick up takes place in the IEC at 4:15.  Please note there is no late bus available.  Tutorial slips are distributed the first Thursday of each month and must be returned by the second Thursday of the month in order to attend on the third Thursday.
    In the March session, we will discuss the science fair that is held annually in May.  Science Club members are not requird to participate in the science fair.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!
    Mr. Joshua Siuta                      Mrs. Janelle Sandonato-Siuta
    jsiuta@lew-port.com                jsandonato-siuta@lew-port.com