• IEC Drama/Musical Club


    This year, students in fourth and fifth grade have the opportunity to be a part of the Intermediate Building Drama and/or Musical Club. Drama club runs once a week from Oct. through Dec. and in January continues with musical rehearsals. Students who wish to continue, audition for the production of the school musical which is directed by Mrs. Zachary, Miss Yager and Mrs. Jaruszweski.  Students rehearse twice a week from January through our performances in May. Some of the goals of the Drama/Musical Club are as follows:


    • Learn about the history and culture of theater 
    • Learn how to create an ensemble and work together as a team (collaboration and trust building)
    • Movement and Space -  How to act out moods and tell stories, choreography and   interpretation
    • Character Development - Students explore characters, their traits, expressions, backgrounds, and how to create themselves.
    • Objectives and Tactics - teaching student to think about the “why” or the purpose behind the actions
    • Voice - articulation, projection, voice variation, expression
    • Listening and Reacting - students will understand how to be present, and how listening to others and reacting (communication) are important skills for an actor
    • Musical expression - Students will learn about expressive tools (tone, articulation, dynamics, and phrasing), visual and listening skills, and storytelling through music.  They will see how music helps set the scene, tell a story, and communicates moods, feelings, and emotions.
    • Stage directions, elements, and blocking - how to stage a scene


    This year’s production is “Broadway Dreams” which includes music from different Broadway shows and celebrates all of the aspects of the theater.  Students will be performing during the school day for their classmates on May 11 and 12, as well as in the evening for parents and the community on Thursday evening, May 12th at 7pm in the IEC auditorium.  Please join us.

    For more information, please contact Michelle Zachary at mzachary@lew-port.com.