• Youngstown Recreation

    Nickel Carnival at Falkner Park

    July 22, 2022  
    1:00 - 3:00
    (Volunteers should report at 12:30)
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    Article written by Brandon Acome (September 2013):

    The Youngstown Recreation Nickel Carnival is held every summer at Falkner Park.  A bunch of kids from the Builders Club come and volunteer for smaller kids to play games like the skeet ball and the bean bag throw. The smaller kids had to give the person who was running the stand one yellow ticket.  If the kids won, then they would either win 1 to 3 blue tickets.  Once they got enough blue tickets, they could walk over to the gazebo and claim their prizes.  There was a large selection of prizes to pick from, such as a selection of T-Shirts, squirt guns, and Groucho Glasses.