• Welcome to the Lew-Port Dramatic Arts Program!
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    Our Mission Statement: The mission of The Lewiston-Porter Dramatic Arts Program is to provide young people from diverse backgrounds with a dramatic arts curriculum that inspires them to be creative, learn, and think critically.
    Drama Program Objectives & Goals: Our dramatic arts program is designed to;
    • strengthen communication and interpersonal skills,
    • further language development,
    • develop critical thinking, promote literacy skills,
    • and improve student learning outcomes overall.
    Most importantly, children and youth who participate in the Lewiston-Porter Dramatic Arts Program will see themselves as capable of setting and achieving goals. By working individually, in pairs, or small groups; students will develop community-building skills including cooperation and patience, and gain public speaking skills and confidence, as well as the capacity to trust their own creative instincts.
    Our experienced and dedicated program staff are fully committed to providing your child with a hands-on, comprehensive theatre learning experience. Our drama club stages two productions each year; a fall drama at the High School level and a spring musical at the Middle School level. Through our program's high-quality standards, young people's self-confidence and creativity are enhanced. We welcome students of all abilities, and create and foster community by providing an intentionally welcoming, safe environment where all feel valued and cared for; and where all students are given opportunity to form meaningful connections with one another. We foster a climate of purposeful inclusion for all.