Guidelines for Medication In School

  • Parents and guardians should be aware of the strict guidelines established by the State of New York regarding the administration and use of medication in schools.  The State cautions school districts regarding over-medication in our society, but also recognizes that in certain circumstances, medication for individual students must be made available under certain conditions.

    Prescription Medication

    1.  The medication must be in the container prepared by the pharmacist, and the label must include the name of the student and the name and strength of the medication.

    2.  The nurse must have on file:
            (a)    A written request from the family physician indicating the frequency and dosage of a prescribed medication.  The condition being treated should also be outlined by the physician.
            (b)    A written request from the parent to administer the medication as specified by the family physician.  A verbal request from the parent or physician is not acceptable.

    3.  The prescribed medication should be delivered directly to the health office by the parent.  No prescription medication should be sent to the school with the child.

    4.  The prescribed medication will be kept in a locked and secure location in the health office.

    5.  The child will be given the correct dosage at the proper time.

    The Medication in School permission form must be completed by both the physician and parent or guardian in order for medication to be dispensed at school.

    The cooperation of parents/guardians is necessary and appreciated.  If you have any questions concerning medication in school, please contact the nurse in your child's school building.