• School Bus Rules of Conduct
    Rules of conduct for student behavior on school buses have been developed to promote a safe, efficient and pleasant atmosphere as part of the transportation experience to and from school. Parents are asked to review these rules (listed on this page) with their children.
    1. The driver is in charge.

    2. Obey the driver’s instructions.

    3. Be seated and remain seated.

    4. Three students per seat.

    5. No seats reserved unless assigned

    6. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

    7. Talk in normal tones.

    8. No profane language or gestures permitted.

    9. Keep hands off property of others.

    10. No dangerous weapons permitted.

    11. Lighted matches are dangerous weapons.

    12. Do not litter or damage the bus.

    13. Do not tamper with emergency devices.

    14. Do not extend arms or heads from windows.

    15. Ride the bus you are assigned.

    16. Embark and disembark at your own stop.

    17. Keep the aisles clear.

    18. Do not eat anything on the bus.

    Supervision of Bus Behavior and Suspension of Bus Privileges
    The bus driver is the authority on the school bus, and must maintain order at all times. In cases when a student misbehaves consistently or flagrantly on a bus, the driver may recommend suspension of transportation privileges for the student to school authorities.

    According to law, parents are ultimately responsible for their children’s safe transport to and from school. Unless there is a legal reason for the absence, children must attend school, whether or not their bus privileges have been suspended by school authorities.