Attendance Office

  • Barbara Hogan 
    Attendance Clerk
    Judy O'Hara
    Attendance Clerk
    Parents / persons in parental relation of student are to call the Attendance Office at 286-7270 when their child is absent or tardy. A message may be left on the answering machine.

    Statement of Overall Objectives
    School attendance is both a right and a responsibility. The School District is an active partner with students and parents in the task of ensuring that all students meet or exceed the New York State Learning Standards. Because the School District recognizes that consistent school attendance, academic success and school completion have a positive correlation, the School District has developed, and, if necessary, will revise a Comprehensive Student Attendance Policy to meet the following objectives:
    a) To increase school completion for all students;
    b) To raise student achievement and close gaps in student performance;
    c) To identify attendance patterns in order to design attendance improvement efforts;
    d) To know the whereabouts of every student for safety and other reasons;
    e) To verify that individual students are complying with education laws relating to compulsory attendance;
    f) To determine the District's average daily attendance for State aid purposes.
    For more information, view Comprehensive Attendance Policy #7110 and Page 28 of the High School Student Handbook.

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