Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.~Emilie Buchwald 

    We have an obligation to read aloud to our children. To read them things they enjoy. To read to them stories we are already tired of. To do the voices, to make it interesting, and not to stop reading to them just because they learn to read to themselves.  ~Neil Gaiman

    Book Choice

    My Library Program GOALS are to:

    • Give your child a love for reading and books that will last a lifetime.
    • Encourage your child to explore and expand their reading interests.

     Your child will not always bring home books they can read independently because of these goals.  We encourage parents to read their child’s library books aloud to them as this is the single most important activity for reading success!


    Book Policies

    1  The NUMBER OF BOOKS Pre-K, Kindergarten, & 1st Graders are able to check out.

      The NUMBER OF BOOKS 2nd Graders are able to check out

    OR if your child's class uses Accelerated Reader.


     **Damaged Books are assessed on a case to case basis. New or frequently used books are asked to be replaced. Please contact me if a book accident should occur. Library books are due back on the next Library Special Day or can be renewed up to 2x.