“The theatre at program at Lewiston-Porter was, without a doubt, my favorite part of high school. Being involved in the shows was something I could be proud of. The friends I made during high school theatre are friends I will know forever. I will always carry the memories I made during the shows with me.”

       - Abbey McClemont, Class of 2015


    “The roles I played in the drama program gave me the confidence that I was able to take with me into the world, after graduation. The communication skills I learned through high school theatre helped me with college interviews, assisted me in job interviews, and even helped me to land an internship at Walt Disney World!

        - Grace Breen, Class of 2016


    “As high school students get busier, and more is demanded of them every year, I remember that joining the drama club was one of the few things I did for myself. Drama club sets up a safe haven for students for self expression and brings unique people together as a team. The performing arts engender a passion in so many students who might never have believed they would discover one. The performing arts program fosters dedication, commitment, and confidence during a time in their lives where self-discovery is so important.”

       - Quinn Patton, Class of 2012
    "When I went to high school at Lewiston-Porter, I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the drama club. I was a performer in three musicals, one play, and also student directed a musical as well.  The drama program is truly incredible. It taught me how to have confidence, and helped me to make some of my best friends. My favorite show was The Drowsy Chaperone where I played "Mrs. Tottendale" because we were able to perfom fun dance numbers and had to react to the record player. The theatre program gave me a deep appreciation for the arts; and now that I am in college, I would like to join more shows."
        - Elyse Wall, Class of 2016