• Ms. Riehler
    ext. 6414


K-2 Art Program

  • The art program at the early childhood level promotes intellectual and emotional growth through the elements and history of art. All students are encouraged to participate in group art discussions to practice confidence and become leaders within our school. Young students are free to explore and express their unique ideas through the use art materials to stimulate creativity, problem-solving skills, and promotion of self-esteem and self-expression. 

    The early childhood art program embraces differences among people.  Learning about multicultural art inspires students to create art through the views and historical themes from communities all over the world. Creating art from other cultures establishes a connection to new people and makes students more likely to be empathetic and open-minded. 

    Each child is unique in many ways. When a child enters the art room they will experience an atmosphere of trust, security and enthusiasm about creating art with passion, guidance, and empathy.