• Reporting of Accidents


    If you are injured in the performance of your duties, the following procedures are provided for your protection:

    1.  The injury, however slight, should be reported to your supervisor immediately.

    2.  You will be asked to complete the Personnel Accident Reporting Form detailing the injury. This must be done within 48 hours of the accident, and forwarded to the Personnel Office so that a compensation report may be filed with our insurance carrier.

    Note: Reporting forms are available by clicking on the link above, in the health suite of each building and, for Buildings and Grounds personnel, in the Custodian’s office of each building.

    3.  If medical attention is necessary, please inform the physician and/or the hospital that you are an employee of Lewiston-Porter Central School District, and that our compensation carrier is:

    Utica National Insurance, PO Box 6584, Scranton, PA 18505. 

    All bills should be forwarded to: 

    Lewiston-Porter Central School District
    4061 Creek Road
    Youngstown, NY 14174
    Attn: Personnel Office

    4.  These instructions DO NOT apply to cafeteria personnel or to BOCES personnel. They should follow the procedures recommended by their employer.

    5.  If, after the initial filing of the accident report, medical attention is required, please notify the Personnel Office of the physician’s name and/or the name of the hospital, and the date you were seen, so that the records are updated and correct.

    The Workers’ Compensation Law requires that this information must be filed with ten (10) days of the occurrence. We appreciate your cooperation in assuring that Lewiston-Porter Central School District is in compliance.