Ms. Lotz, LCSW

  • At Lewiston-Porter High School, I provide confidential school-based counseling services for students in Grades 9-12 to support them with overcoming challenges for success in the school setting. Please reach out if you feel I may be able to assist with any of the following:

    • Counseling for social, emotional, and behavioral needs that are impacting a student's ability to succeed in school and hindering their growth
    • Crisis de-escalation and management
    • Conflict resolution/mediation through Restorative Practices
    • Attendance concerns and support
    • Linkage to community resources
    • Holiday Assistance

    Designated Office Hours: Mondays from 2:40-3:10pm

    Shannon Lotz, LCSW

    Certified School Social Worker

    Lewiston-Porter High School

    Phone: (716) 286-7256

    Guidance Phone: (716) 286-7258


    Niagara County Suicide Prevention Coalition (NCSPC) Member, Niagara Threat Advisory Group (NITAG) Representative, Big Brother/Big Sister Liaison, Girls on the Run Advisor- Middle School