Lewiston Porter High School

    Academy of Business & Finance

    The Academy offers many experiences for students outside of the classroom, but none are as valuable as our student internship.

    Each Academy student must complete an 80-hour, compensated internship, in the summer between their junior and senior years.  The Academy has developed relationships with local businesses and organizations throughout the area who are willing and eager to work with our students as they take what is often their first step into the professional environment.

    By their senior year, students have many of the professional skills businesses are looking for, including computer skills, basic accounting, presentation skills, research, and more.  Students will work in conjunction with an employer to hone those skills and contribute fresh, youthful ideas to their sponsor company.

    Through the Academy, each student will design a professional resumé, practice interview skills, and learn proper work etiquette.  Students will then participate in actual interviews and will be offered a position by a sponsor. Students will be compensated through a wage or stipend, and hours worked and responsibilities are coordinated through the sponsor and our internship coordinator.

    For additional information regarding our Academy internship program, please contact our internship coordinator, Nicole Krawczyk, at (716) 286-7261 x. 2103 or nkrawczyk@lew-port.com.


    ** Oftentimes, our Academy students already have a job.  It may be possible for our internship coordinator to work with a student’s current employer to create a quality internship experience.  Students should discuss this option with their teacher.


    Internship Providers