Lewiston Porter High School

    Academy of Business & Finance

    There is an application process for admission into the Academy of Business & Finance.  The Academy is a 3-year program typically beginning in a student's sophomore year. However, any current sophomore students entering their junior year that are interested in applying may do so and complete the program in 2 years instead of 3. Applications will be available in January of the school year.  Students demonstrating a high level of interest in the program and dedication to their studies will be considered. 

    Applications may be downloaded from the above link or by sending a request to Mrs. Allender at jallender@lew-port.com. Please be sure to select "Make a copy" from the File menu and save under a new name prior to starting the completion process.  

    All student applicants will be asked to schedule a meeting with the Academy Director to participate in a meet and greet to learn more about each other and to have an opportunity to ask any questions they may have about the program. All freshmen are encouraged to apply to the program.  We are looking for a diverse group of students who are interested in having a unique high school experience, and who want to gain the skills that will enhance their future academic and career success. Students will be notified by letter of their acceptance in May of each school year.