What Our Graduates Have Said...


    Favorite Academy Experience

    “The international experience requirement.  Being able to interact with the exchange students was a great opportunity.” - Julie


    “My internship because I met many new people.  I also was able to promote and advertise the United Way.” - Christopher


    “Being able to travel to Spain in 10th grade, and Europe in the summer going into 12th grade.  I learned about the different cultures in these different areas and was able to become more independent.”  - Madison


    “Attending the 43 North competition at Shea’s.” - William


    “When all of my friends and I had our first Academy presentation.  This was a time of fear and excitement.  We all learned to lean on each other and beyond that we learned to speak in public with confidence.” - Juanita


    “Going on field trips and being with my classmates.  We have formed a bond that will last for many years to come.” - Zachary


    “My internship at the American Red Cross.” - Sara


    “The exchange student scavenger hunts where we would show the students from other countries around the school in game fashion.” - Austin


    Most Beneficial Academy Experience

    “Gaining my public speaking skills and learning about international business dos and don’ts.” - Alexis


    “My communication and presentation skills.  I am very comfortable giving a presentation in front of anyone and interviews have become much easier for me.  The Academy has led me to be more confident and carry myself more professionally.” - Nicholas


    “Taking college courses through the Academy.  I took three college courses and will receive 12 credits at Niagara University next year. – Lilly


    “MS Office because I can make my projects and presentations better.” - Hannah


    “Having the opportunity to present in front of established businessmen and women who asked many challenging and insightful questions.” - Emily


    “Learning how to conduct myself in an interview.  Preparing for interviews and practicing answering questions has helped me tremendously with job and scholarship interviews.” - Brittany


    “All the classes I took that made me better at writing papers.” - Alicia