Lewiston-Porter Senior High School 
    International Programs 
    The Lewiston-Porter Central School district is proud to have developed relationships around the world in our thriving and ever-growing International Studies program. We currently have relationships with:     
    • Tianjin Number Two High School in Tianjin, China                          
    • Ernestinenschule in Lübeck, Germany
    • Saint Benoit High School in Istanbul, Turkey


    Our student exchanges are generally two or two and half weeks in length and always include a home stay (where the students stay with a family while they are in the foreign country).  The home stay allows for students to get a richer cultural experience while they are away.  We then incorporate a small amount of internal travel, usually to the country's capital city, at the end of the exchange trip.  Similarly, when student exchange groups come to Lewiston-Porter, we provide a home stay.  The groups who come to visit our school in Western New York also try to incorporate travel to either New York City or Washington, DC.


    Our exchanges for the 2019-2020 school year are as follows: 

    German students visiting Lewiston-Porter:  September - October 2019

    Lewiston-Porter Students visit Tianjian High School #2 in China: November 2019

    Future Exchanges and EF Tour Trips: 

    EF Tours England/Ireland Tour Summer 2020



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Last Modified on December 8, 2019