• Dear ELL Parents: 
    There are many ways that you can support your child's English language development at home!
    1.) Research states that parents should consistently be talking to their children in their native language and teaching them as many new things as possible. This interaction in their native language will transfer to their second language!
    2.) Read to your child every day! Read books in your native language together. If you feel comfortable, read to them in English too, or ask your child to read to you in English. (For English books, you can go to the Lewiston Library and get a Library Card for free. Ask the librarian which books would be best for your child, and let them know that they are learning English. They are there to help you!) 
    3.) Bring your child to new places: Parks, museums, the grocery store, the library, an apple orchard, or any other new place! This will help your child develop his or her vocabulary in their native language, which will help them learn vocabulary in English too! 
    4.) Talk to your child's teachers as often as possible and discuss any concerns you have or keep updated on their progress. Schedule regular meetings with them, if possible.
    5.) If possible, attend school functions! Parents who are actively involved in their child's school foster an importance in education that will help their child's language and academic development. (If transportation is a problem, contact me or your child's teacher and we will help you.)
    6.) Encourage your child to talk to as many English-speaking friends as possible. Talking in a new language is often scary for new learners, but allowing your child to play or study with a new friend will help their language and help them feel more comfortable with their language use.