• Lancers

    Letter Award Policy 

    Modified Sports

    Receive certificates for each sport season


    JV Sports

     1st  season – graduation year numerals (ex – 11, 12 etc.)
     2nd  season – JV letter
     3rd  season and beyond – JV participation certificate



    Varsity Sports

    1st season – Varsity letter (and numerals if first sport) 
    2nd season – sport pin (will receive one for each sport played) and chevron
    3rd season – chevron
    4th season – chevron
    5th season – chevron
    6th season – chevron and white letter
    7th season – chevron
    8th season – chevron
    9th season – chevron
    10th season – chevron and gold letter



    * Athletes must finish the season in good standing to be eligible to receive a letter award
    * Athletes who are called up to the varsity after the halfway point of the season will not be issued a letter
    * Athletes will receive one award per season.  Lost, misplaced or stolen awards can be purchased through the Athletic Office.  Awards will not be reissued.               
    * Athletes who are deemed ineligible as per the District’s Eligibility Policy and do not finish the season, will not be issued letter awards
    * Athletes who are established members of the individual sport teams offered who do not make the qualifying marks or times, may still be eligible for a Varsity Letter. 


    Varsity Jackets:

    Please contact Stuart Sports for ordering information and cost.
    All students of Lewiston-Porter are eligable to purchase a Lew-Port coat.