Athletic Placement Process

    Testing Date:

    Contact Athletic Office, if interested - 286-7865

    Bring your completed packet to the test (see below for form)

    Please contact the Athletic Office With Any Questions.

    Parents/Guardians Please Read

    The Advanced Placement Process test (APP) is meant for a select group of student athletes only. In reviewing the following paperwork please keep in mind that this process is not intended for students who just participate in WNY travel and/or recreational teams. The intent of this process is for those select few students that have always quote, "Dominated" at their level. It is for student athletes that are drastically more mature physically, skill, and mentally to warrant participating on the Junior Varsity or Varsity level.

    The Lewiston-Porter Athletic Department advises you as the parent/guardian to advocate for your child to go through this process if your child falls under the above criteria. If the following situations listed below are the cause for your child to attempt this process, we advise that you continue on in the age appropriate level of Modified Sports.

    The Wrong Reasons:

    - His/Her friends play on the team

    - They need more players at that level

    - He/She have always been on travel teams

    - We are good friends with the coach

    - He/She are physically gifted but their maturity levels are low

    - I the parent/guardian, played up when I was in school

    - My child needs to be pushed to be successful


    Please note: By successfully completing this process, the student athlete is only offered the chance to try-out for the upper level Varsity or Junior Varsity team. There is no guarantee they will be on the team by passing these tests.

    Click on link to download APP Paperwork
    APP Testing Packet 
    or you may pick up a copy of the attached packet in the Athletic Office.