• College Admissions Testing
    College Admissions testing is a key component of the college application process. However, recently many colleges and universities have adopted test-optional policies which place the decision in the hands of students and families. The pros and cons of participating in college admissions testing can vary from student to student and depend on which colleges or universities the student is applying to. There are several factors to consider including a student's high school GPA, involvement in extra-curriculars, strength of letters of recommendation, etc. In order to make an informed decision, please consider utilizing the following resources:
    • Talking with your child's school counselor
    • Visiting the college or university website to determine whether or not they are test-optional
    • Contacting the college or university of interest directly via phone or email
    • Ask a College Counselor: Should I apply test-optional?


    ***Not all schools are test-optional. Please check each individual school's college admissions testing policy that your child plans on applying to.